Care for a cause…!

Two years back I got a chance to volunteer for an institution which worked for mentally ill women.. being a student of psychology.. I found it very easy and rewarding  to associate with that cause.

Not only it gave me satisfaction of having done something worth my time.. it also gave me an insight into the lives of people who come into this pious field… I call it pious because any religion puts behaving with humanity on a high pedestal in their teachings.. and all those who work with special* people are the most spiritual in my they share their great assets with those who would actually appreciate it.

The greatest of the assets being the time they put in to make someone’s life better… and that makes their own life worthwhile..

During that time I  came across two kinds of people.. one who felt blessed to be a part of this organization.. they were getting out of it a feeling that it was their calling…

And then there was the second kind.. most of them who had joined this organization for their living. Who saw it just as a job.. and hence you could see the difference clearly on how they felt about working there.

It was a place of taboo for many.. as it dealt with people with mentally disabled..maybe  they felt the concerned inmates are not going to know anything.. it was not like they were going anywhere also… most of them had been shun by their families and the society so they were here to stay. And that may have been a reason to not feel the need to behave their best..

But still.. even if it is a job.. you are supposed to live up to it it.. doesn’t matter whom you are working for. But unfortunately I didn’t get to see it..

I was initially surprised.. as I always thought that all who associated with any NGO were genuinely interested in helping.. but only when I entered such a place myself.. I found the reality to be slightly different.

I am not saying all of them were like that.. just a handful..

Also I saw a stark difference.. Although all of them were still fairly concerned about the inmates.. the behavior of the staff towards each other was that shocked me the most.. those whom I thought would be the most understanding were the ones who were not so polite.. though they were in a better position to create a good environment.. but alas… those were the ones creating a gap.. that they didn’t want to fill.

The work done there on the other hand is exceptional.. not only they house women who are not wanted by society.. they also help them to find their place in the very society that rejected them..

With good treatments they are also given vocational training.. and those who are very mildly affected or have mostly recovered are given work that they regain their self worth.

In case of some women who might have wandered out without the family’s notice (as it is possible with these guys).. they locate the family with what all information they can get out of the women and reinstate them in the family with free consultations and medications.. for LIFE.. .!! So that the family never gets any chance not to take them back.

Along with that the organization conducts free camps for all those who themselves or a family member of theirs is suffering with some kind of mental ailment and cannot afford to take private mediation or even to be spotted near any hospitals of that kind as there is still a stigma about mental illness.

I saw it as a great cause.. and loved to work there… as I heartily praise all those who in any way are doing their share for it..

A lot has been achieved in past few years.. what started in a single bedroom flat with a couple of women is now wide spread in three locations with hundreds of women finding shelter.. I am sure their unconscious blessings are always with the working team.

I personally gained a lot of experiences from being there… meeting those women.. many of them who didn’t even know they were out of their homes.. I see it a big thing as for them this is their home… and I am happy the team has been able to create that for them…

All that has been achieved by great efforts..and now even many celebrities are associated and it is well known in the city’s map… with more and more people coming forward with helping hands everyday.

I must give a special mention to the nursing staff there.. as they are the ones literally spending 24×7 with the ladies… and they are the ones I found the most enthusiastic and caring.

Today when I am not physically able to be there for them.. I send my best wishes to the group.. may they work so well that there is no need for such an organization..!