Changing times.. decreasing abilities. .

There was a time when words used to flow and I just had to use a pen and a paper as a filter to catch a few before they left the memory. That was the time when there was no or very limited internet access. When I spent a lot of time with myself.

It is well known that the more you practice an art the more refined you become in it. That was happening to me. I was developing my style of writing. Since I wrote often all the more things interested me and since I thought about more things.. there was more to write about.  I was in the right cycle.

What happened then.?

I will not completely blame it on the lifestyle change. Internet has so much to offer that I got caught up. Instead of being a producer I became a consumer of different ideas and thoughts. Which is not wrong. It is good to know what others are expressing.

What I missed is to take some time out of it. Ruminate.. and create my own using different budding ideas.

Instead I chose to keep the continuous intake going. Today I can see a change in my ability to write.

What used to be my second nature now needs more effort.

As I have seen it all.. heard it all and read it all… I feel there is not much to say from my side. Or maybe.. I am not getting intrigued enough by anything to want to write about it.

Whatever may be the reason. I miss writing. Writing like before.