Overcoming the Writer’s block

It may seem like an odd title for the first ever blog post. But the fact is that it is just a metaphor.

Why is it that even when we know we are capable of something..  we tend to procrastinate.. waiting for a right day.. a perfect moment .. and we all are generally quite good at convincing ourselves that this is not the time… but what we forget is… the moment we do it that makes the day special for life..

In my case I have been giving myself excuses for a long time.. even though I have been writing forever and having read many blogs in the past few years..I had this simple wish to have one for myself.. but as the fear of commitment gripped me..I kept telling myself.. its easy to start..but how do think you are going to be true to it and stay regular..

Truth is.. I don’t know… but what I know is till I don’t start it..I’ll never know..

All of us do it.. in one way or the other.. for me it was the blog… for you it could be a taking up a new job.. or talking to a long lost loved one.. or visiting a doctor to find out what could be wrong ..!!

We can keep going on with our lives like we always have…  and live the life we want in our imagination only…or we could stop testing the waters and take a plunge…

This for all of you who have plans..and think that .. One Day.. I will do it..  that day could be today..!!

For years whenever I see hear or read something that piques my interest I itch to write about it. I have been writing a few bits and pieces here and here and call it my personal collection. But always wanted to have a place where I could cherish them for life. Internet is such a medium where everyone has an equal opportunity. And I am here to take my fair share.

Surely it would not have been possible without the nudge (more like a push from the cliff) by my dear friends… and so …  I am here.

Generally blog writers call their readers as friends.. but in my case I know for sure that my friends are my readers..as they were the inspiration behind this blog.

Thanks to all of you who believe in me.. hope I live up to it..