A strange tale of fate..

What else can I call it.. till the first week of January this year.. I was living my life.. nice and quiet.. with minimal social presence.. watching movies endlessly..  having peaceful afternoon teas with family.. living life.. just the way I like it..

When all of a sudden one of my friends posted an old school pic on his Facebook wall..

Life as I knew it ended that day..

Many of my old friends from school came together to like and comment jokingly on that pic.. one comment led to another.. many friend invited many others…and I guess the pic was the most commented in the history of any of our friend’s pics.

It was getting too much to handle on Facebook.. many shameful truths were coming out..and our collective image of good students was getting spoilt..not to mention that many of the spouses, parents and In-laws too had access to that.

So we came up with a simple solution.. not to wash our dirty linen in public…

We decided to take it up on a more private chat.. thinking that we have already said so much on Facebook.. not much would b left to say here…

Fortunately we all were in for a shock… just in a few days msgs started flooding in.. some of us didn’t even remember others from school but still felt that instant connection.. and messaged away..

In the initial days I still thought.. its just a craze of meeting old friends after a decade and might die down in a few days…

Wrong again..!!

We are more closer to each other than we ever were in school.. connected 24×7.. as we are spread across the globe..so when some of us sleep.. others keep the chat going.. we r like a relay group who pass on the writing torch to the next shift… to keep it going..

It happens rarely that I wake up and don’t find at least a few msgs to read..and that definitely brings a smile to my face…every morning.. and brightens my day for sure..

And going further.. we are also very interested in each others lives.. appreciating and supporting each other in our lives endeavours.

Result of that is this blog.. still find it hard to believe.. as just a couple of months ago..had anyone told me I would be writing this…I would have laughed and dismissed it right away… but then… here I am.. writing away.. and excited to do so too..

It is true that the friends we make early in our lives do stay close to our heart all your life.. I am happy that mine are close to my life too..