Finding the ‘I’ in ‘Me’..

Many many years ago.. I sat in my room with my diary and a pen in hand.

Yes I loved to write by hand on paper and that gave me a deep connection with the words. I felt as if I owned them and the words owned me too. I felt as their creator and loved them like my children. Not that what I type now is not as special but when I wrote.. I fell in love..

That’s when I met the person who was writing. She was quite different from what I am. She was more passionate.. opinionated. . Daring.. open.. witty.. caring.. and above all Expressive. A quality I seriously lack.

She was and is all that I want to be.

Where did she hide all day..?

Inside Me..

I am in plain sight… Right outside the writer. Making a shell.

I want to break free.

Here I am.. everything that I am.. all of it.. yet the world can’t see.

Those who see.. can’t believe. .

This is who I can be. This is who I am. All of Me.

Presentation for DPchallenge for the week


8 thoughts on “Finding the ‘I’ in ‘Me’..

  1. Such an important point about the physical gesture of writing. The keyboard has accelerated so much of our thought processes (IMO). It takes discipline now to go back to the pen but your post shows this could be such a cool path to trail. Thanks for this post.

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