Beginning of life with Television..

Friends and I…. a few days ago we had a long chat about the television during the early days..

Both the television and us… entered our homes at about the same time…  that was the time when not every home had a TV.. and it was just growing to become an essential household item..

So as we both were new… the impression was strong… 

Unlike today..when the attention spans of people are shorter than the advertisements itself.. we valued all that was shown… the memory of each show stayed with us for days.. months… years….. and decades if I may say so.. as they are still fresh in our minds…

Looking back and remembering them one by one… we were all elated…

Those shows has touched our lives… as they were about the regular people…. the common man and woman… and kids… the characters were almost always identifiable.. not like now when we can’t even associate with the protagonists as their lives seem somehow larger than life… and quite impossible to be in the kind of people we meet regularly..

Old shows had a charm… the sets costumes were never over the top.. they were believable.. the stories were simple and showed day to day life events… with acting being the most important part.. not just how visually grand it can look…there were only a few characters… but all were well defined.. and had their importance even if the role was small…

Even the advertisements shown made their impacts… we still can recite a few of them.. and we still use the tag lines as phrases in our day to day conversations.. and they make sense to our generation only…

Be it emotional.. comedy.. fantasy.. mythological.. musical.. educational… we had it all…

Other than Hindi movies we also had Regional films on Sunday afternoons. And just before that was the news for the deaf.. I had a fascination to learn the sign language since then…

It just showed that the Channel catered for all.. literally..

As kids we were also good part of the audience… so… special ‘kids shows’ were part of the weekends. Other than cartoons.. we had moral stories played out specially for us…we had puppets…and we had our share of super heroes back then too..

As the years progressed.. more channels got added and many more shows made their way into our lives..

Looking at a few actors who started back then and made a good name for themselves…seeing them mature and successful today is reminiscent of the past.

The time we spent in front of the television.. was a lot less than what kids do now a days….

I feel we were more enriched by television.. than robbed of our childhood by it.. I am so thankful to have lived in those times…


2 thoughts on “Beginning of life with Television..

  1. pooja says:

    Well said ..T.V. has actually lost that charm in our lives…overindulgence in any pleasure leads to is the case with tv which is flooded with channels…so the quest for freshness never ends …

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